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We carry a wide selection of monuments, headstones, memorials, bronze plaques and much more. Did we mention that we specialize in customization? 

Monuments & Headstones & Haskell, NJ

We offer the best quality products to help remember your loved ones. We provide the more reasonable prices and the most efficient service for creating and placing your monument. As a local business in Jersey, we pride ourselves on being hands on and working with you from building the monument to placing it.

Our services go beyond just selling you the monument, we want to make sure it’s a personalized experience you can cherish along with the memorial you are creating. We take pride in our work and giving you the best way to remember possible.

Types of Monuments We Offer

We have a number of monuments in store you can see and customize as needed. We are happy to provide many options for our customers to help remember and honor your loved one, pet, or a special time in your life. All our products are high quality and built with care to make sure you’re getting the best you can buy in NJ.

Custom Memorials in Haskell, NJ

We are happy to create memorials for any event, loved one, or pet to your specifications. We work with civic causes, police departments, military projects and many more. We provide pieces commissioned by the government and municipalities.

Creating the perfect way to honor your loved one is our number one goal that’s why you call the shots and tell us exactly what you want. Etching and design allow you the opportunity to create a unique product that has everything you want.

Types of Plaques Made Out of Bronze

A bronze plaque on your monument adds the perfect touch to your memorial. They can be etched with a quote, name, picture or anything else you’d like to add.

With a wide selection of styles to choose from you can use the plaques to make your monument perfect for your loved one or pet. Bronze really stands out against any color you decide to make your monument.

Fully-Customizable Bronze Plaques by Size, Shape and Color

You can customize the plaque on your monument and create any kind of design you wish. You can get your plaque in any shape including a simple rectangle or a loving heart.

They can also be any size or color you wish to use.

Special Types of Plaques We Offer

Some of the different types of plaques we offer for your monument include bevel, flush, and ledge markers. You can also choose slant or upright markers depending on the look you are going for.

We want you to be happy so we’re willing to customize your piece with any type of plaque you’d like.

Our Past Work

Areas We Cover in Haskell Township, NJ

Monument, Memorial and Plaque Refinishing and Restoration Services in Haskell, NJ

If you desire to have a mausoleum built for your family to give them privacy in their final resting place then you have options. You can choose the layout and design of the mausoleum to suite your style and space needs.

You can choose to have a family mausoleum built for more than one person or individual buildings for each person. They can be customized in the way you want and you can be present from the design to the building.

Mausoleum Design & Building Services in Haskell, NJ

We are also your source for larger and smaller mausoleums. Designing a mausoleum that is perfectly customized to honor the many contributions and special attributes of the deceased is not a matter to take lightly.

Through the selection of materials, the details on the mausoleum, engraving and more, an amazing memorial for a special person in your life can be created. Our team is available to begin designing a mausoleum that lives up to your lofty expectations.

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